Cleaveland Bridge

Gloucester County Council/ Ringway

The Brief

Various Schemes….

Since 2010 Walsh Construction have been a partner on the framework for Gloucestershire County Council. Throughout the last 11 years we have successfully delivered a number of schemes in and around Gloucestershire. Through the relationships we have built with local suppliers and local sub contractors we believe we are well placed to deliver successfully on the works for CGX Business Park Infrastructure Works.

Over the last 12 months the value of works from this scheme has been approximately £2,000,000.  Schemes have been varied and each with their own challenges.

Works have included:

· A466 Improvement Works

· M5, J10 Investigation Works

· Legion Footbridge

· Millend Bridge

· Cleveland Bridge

· Horsbere Culvert

· Rissington

· Berry Hill Village

During these works Phil Crosby has maintained the Project Lead position and has a solid relationship with Ringway and Gloucester County Council. Phil has taken an active role in leading the site team, due to the often complexities of the works on site Phil has lead the team with both a H&S view point and carried out Environmental Audits when and where necessary.