Horsbere Culvert


The Brief

Undertaking the works for long term client GCC Ringway to expose the failed joint between culvert sections on the A417 at Barnwood Glos. Works were undertaken on a weekend closure working day and night shifts to enable the works to be completed in the tight programme. The culvert was carefully exposed, old failed waterproofing removed and replaced before backfilling and surfacing the works.

Following completion of the works on top of the culvert the road was opened to one lane of traffic. Props were located as the temporary works design before failed material was hydro blasted from the reinforcement, the reinforcement was then cleaned from corrosion and the remaining cross section of steel checked before anodes were placed. Once resistance of the anode protection had been checked quick set R4 sprayed concrete was used to complete the repair. This process was then repeated for the other side of the joint. The joint was then sealed and weep holes re-cored.

All works under the culvert were undertaken in the live brook on a debris deck. A Silt buster was used to ensure all water used in the process was cleaned before entering the watercourse.